What People Say About Us

I now know why people fail and how to avoid such pitfalls.
The exercise on “The Time Of Your Life” empowered me to overcome procrastination. Since l don’t have much time left because of age, l have developed techniques of expanding my time.
Printing Entrepreneur
My interaction with the Applied Positive Psychology Academy has given me proper understanding of Psychology and its application to my work.
School Director
I would strongly recommend the programmes of PSYCHOTECHNOLOGY OF SUCCESS to anyone wanting to understand how to get the best out of other people. The Trainers are deeply knowledgeable and approachable.
Estate Surveyor
I have more belief in myself and what l can achieve in life.
Oil & Gas Supervisor
My participation gave me understanding of the meaning of FEAR and its dangers to successful accomplishment. I have been fired to rise above fear in any situation.
I recommend the courses of Psychotechnology 100%. I participated in the course on SELF-REPATTERNING. It was energizing and illuminating. I left feeling much more positive about myself to cope with whatever life throws at me.
Agric Engineer
Psychotechnology has helped me to manage my behaviour , appreciate other people’s perspectives and the centrality of other people to my success in business.
I attended the course on GAINING PERSONAL POWER and was shocked at my ignorance of many simple and natural techniques of influencing people.
Bank Manager
Applied Positive Psychology Academy is probably the best personal development outfit l have interacted with. The facilitators are trained Psychologists with superb subject knowledge. I strongly recommend the academy’s PsychoTechnology Of Success courses.
Human Resource Practitioner
I attended the course on the Psychology Of Persuasion and was enthused by the principles of converting people from NO to YES in day-to-day interpersonal relationship. I was particularly fascinated by the Law Of Reciprocity and the power of its application to elicit compliance from people.
Customer Service Practitioner
I strongly recommend the courses on Psychotechnology to all youths who are desirous of leading decent and genuinely successful lives. Such courses are not taught in any school in Nigeria that l know
Professor Of Education
Essential SSL