– learn how to raise your positive energy

Being happy is an end in itself. But it turns out that a good state is just the beginning! (SUCCESS magazine). Yes, positive well-being and mood lead to greater work performance, productivity and success. Your mental state (mood) infuses YOU and OTHERS with either hopefulness or helplessness. But how do you harness the energy of your good mood when work or life demands seem to compress it with stress and pressure? Can Positive Psychology help you to improve your mood, your coping with negative emotions? Can Positive Psychology help you feel more secure about yourself?

Yes, this one-day course helps you to understand positive emotions and how you can manage your mood to achieve your desired success. In this workshop we’ll introduce you to a range of tools that boost the mood, share the role that positive emotions play in your happiness and explain the science behind the feel-good factor. You will learn how positive emotions trigger changes in the cognitive activity, and how these changes can lead to changes in physical activity. You’ll also learn how to experience contentment about yesterday, happiness in the present day and hope for tomorrow. Your emotions determine your motivation and drive, learn how to raise your positive energy.

Location: Lagos

Duration: 2 days

Venue: to be advised

Cost: to be advised

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