CUSTOMER SERVICE/SELLING WITH Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

– discover the powerful new insights into customer service, sales and marketing

To attract new customers and retain existing business, companies have to delight their customers with products and services that constantly and consistently exceed the customers’ expectations; and this is better achieved if the expectations and behaviour of the customers are anticipated, assessed and understood. NLP is a sensitive and tactical approach that has been proven to be effective in creating a good customer relationship, retaining customers, satisfying customers as well as improving brand perception.

In this 2-days workshop, participants will learn how to use NLP to build robust relationships with customers from a wide variety of backgrounds. They will take away NLP tools, strategies and techniques that allow them to maximize effective communication, build trust, become more resourceful, turn problems into opportunities and recover from difficult situations. The course is specially designed for customer service personnel, sales/marketing executives, front-line sales personnel, sales managers, service managers, personal services professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Location: Lagos

Duration: 2 days

Venue: to be advised

Cost: to be advised

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