In the words of Neville Goddard, ” creation is finished”. In other words, all that you ever have been or ever will be exists now. There is nothing absolutely new ! Whatever seems to be new is but a combination of ideas or elements of something old.

Therefore, to cultivate your imagination productively, you should keep a record of every idea, concept, thought that occur to you that is capable of practical use. Ruminate on these ideas ; take a positive perspective of them and attempt to think out their usefulness in day-to-day living. By and by, your subconscious mind will assemble the various ideas and thoughts into new combinations ; weave them into something that is apparently new.

Imagination is one faculty on which there is no set price or value. It is the most important of the faculties of the mind , where all motives are given the impulse necessary to turn them into action. Imagination has a limitless worth if backed with action.

The day-dreamer who creates practical ideas must back up these ideas with definite purpose and plan, self-confidence, initiative and the ability to elicit cooperation from other people. Without these, no person can actualize any idea or concept, irrespective of the power of his or her imagination.

No matter who you are, what you are doing at the moment , if you have a sound mind and if you are capable of using your imagination, you can gradually make a place for yourself in your environment that will be rewarding and respectful. There is no trick to this. Just identify problems that people encounter day-by-day , define the problem practically, apply your imagination and take action. Start with something simple and elementary and gradually develop it into something more impressive.
There are limitless possibilities !

Rotimi Adelola, PhD; DhE


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