There are two classes of people : leaders and
followers. More often, followers do not achieve noteworthy success, and never succeed until they break away from ranks of followers and become leaders. Being a leader entails the deployment of initiative without which no one can achieve success.

It is essential in the development of initiative and leadership to form the habit of prompt decision making. All successful people have appreciable amount of decision-making power. In the pursuit of successful accomplishment, SMART goals and objectives are important but not sufficient until a pragmatic implementation plan is emplaced. Even then, you may have all the necessary ability and resources to implement, nothing will happen until you actually take the initiative and roll the wheel of your plan into motion and keep steering until your goals are achieved. Action creates results; nothing else does.

Look around your environment and study those whom you know to be failures, and there are many of them. You will observe that, without exception, they lack initiatives and the firmness of decision, even in matters of the smallest importance. Such individuals ‘talk’ and idealize a great deal, but they are deficit on performance. To succeed in life, deeds, not words, should be the watchword.

No one ever accomplished anything, created anything or made any astounding progress without the use of imagination. Everything ever created or built was first mentally envisioned. Whatever you cannot see in your inner eyes, you cannot attain. To dress for a party, cook a meal or even drive your car home will be impossible without a mental image of your desire.
No matter the level of your intellect, how great your ambition, the vastness of your relationship, the depth of your access to finance, aii these will be rendered useless without the driving force of imagination. In the workshop of imagination, realities are created and nothing can be achieved without imagination except accident.


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