1. How will you know when you are successful?
  2. Once you have defined your purpose, then decide what you want to achieve, possess, and experience.
  3. What do you really want? Don’t live someone else’s dream.
  4. To succeed in life, you have to reclaim yourself and bring out the baby in you and get back to what you really want with no fear, shame or inhibition.
  5. You deserve to have everything in your life exactly the way you want it.
  6. Like a baby, do not settle for less than you really want!
  7. Make a list of 50 things you want to do; 50 things you want to have; 50 things you want to be before you die.
  8. It is possible to make a living doing what you love to do.
  9. Make list of 20 things you love to do and then think of ways you can make a living from them.
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