In the brief course of time lie all the truths of your life: your dreams, hope, expectations, actions, feedbacks and accomplishments.  Time is a finite resource that must be handled carefully.

You really do not have time.  For example, how many days, hours, minutes and seconds will you live from the day you were born to age 80?  To get the answer, multiply 80 by 365 days = 29, 200 days. Then multiply 29200 by 24hours = 700, 800 hours. Then multiply 700800 by 60 minutes = 42, 048, 000 minutes. Then multiply 42,048,000 by 60 seconds = 2,522,880,000 seconds!

Let us assume that you will retire at age 65, how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds more do you have left to work?  Deduct your age from 65 and divide the answer by 3? You divide by 3 because it is assumed that you work 8 hours in a day. Therefore,  if you are 40 years old now, you have just 3,041 days to retirement, 72,984 hours ; 4, 379 040 minutes; and 262, 742, 400 seconds . The assumption is that you work everyday including weekends and public holidays; no vacation; no maternity leave for ladies and; no sickness. All you do is just WORK.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful individual is that,  the former has absolute control over his time while the latter fritter his time away on activities that are irrelevant to his personal  goals( if he has any ).

Time is life: if you waste your time, you waste your life; and if you master your time, you master your life.

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