1. Dealing with people effectively is 85% of requirements for success in any human endeavor and 99% for happiness.
  2. Human beings are all ego-hungry.
  3. Low Self-Esteem means Friction and Trouble.
  4. People act (or fail to act) largely to enhance their own ego.
  5. Convince yourself that other people are important and make them feel so.
  6. Notice other people.
  7. Don’t lord it over people.
  8. Control the actions and attitudes of others.
  9. In dealing with other people, our own attitudes are reflected back to us in their behavior.
  10. How to control angers in others?
  11. Anger is associated with loud talk– the louder you talk in a tensed situation the angrier you become.
  12. If you keep your voice low and soft, you will not become angry and the other person is likely to reciprocate.
  13. Enthusiasm is contagious in selling, customer service, people management and all walks of life.
  14. You never sell anything to anyone until you yourself are sold on it.
  15. Confidence breeds confidence. Act confidence. Look confident. And people will begin to feel more confident with you.
  16. Confidence is reflected in the way you walk, your handshake and tone of your voice.
  17. The best way to make a person acquire a virtue is to impute it to him.
  18. Create good first impression in other person.
  19. When you meet somebody for the first time, the impression you make then is likely to be his reference to determine how he regards you subsequently.
  20. Other people tend to accept you at your own self-evaluation. People treat you in the way you treat yourself.
  21. Do not try hard to make a favorable impression on a person. Rather, let him know that he is making good impression on you.
  22. People judge you not only by the opinion you hold of your, but also by the opinion you hold on other things that are yours.
  23. Negative opinion creates a negative atmosphere.
  24. Be an attractive personality:
  25. Accept people as they are. Allow them to be themselves.
  26. Look for something to approve in the other person, no matter how small or insignificant.
  27. Appreciate people. Let other people know that you value them.
  28. Make people feel friendly.
  29. Assume the other person will be friendly and act accordingly.
  30. Do not be anxious. Just relax.
  31. Miracle in a smile.
  32. Train yourself to smile.
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