In the course of working to achieve your goals, often you encounter obstacles that may appear debilitating. Instantly you become disillusioned, negative and feel that you are a victim of circumstances. Your ensuing statements or thoughts reinforce the hopeless situation as your mind appears to close off and you are “thinking less”.  No questions come to your mind except such negative affirmation “I am in trouble” or dis-empowering question as” why me?” or” why is this happening to me?: If you are the religious type, you’ll properly consult your Pastor or Imam to complain about the seeming work of “the enemy”.

Do not confuse yourself. Ask empowering questions about the situation and your brain will rise to the occasion. Your brain is more powerful than any microcomputer and as it is designed to solve any problem presented to it. Harness the power of your brain by asking the right type of question and transform your life.

Questions that you ask yourself determine the focus of your perception as well as the amount of success, fear, joy that you experience.

Most people are stranded on the path to success because they continually ask themselves negatively oriented questions. For example, the question, “Why can’t l do this?” assumes that there’s something to be done that cannot be done.

In order to understand the question, your mind automatically begins to search out all the reasons why ‘you cannot do’ whatever it is to be done.

On the other hand, imagine asking yourself, “How easily can l make this work?” This is an empowering question which presupposes that a. this can be done; b. there are numerous ways this can work; c. it can be done easily. This question directs your mind to search for solutions.

Empowering questions direct your focus, and you always get more of what you focus on in life.

Empowering questions expand your creative thinking for solution; expose you to more opportunities and innovate for outcomes you desire.

Empowering questions are rooted in security, expansive and generate higher level of awareness.  They are open-ended and not close-ended question like, Yes or No; begin with ‘What’, ‘How’ does not begin with ‘Why’.

Ask empowering questions before you sleep; while praying or brainstorming to solve any problem on your path to success.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to shape your future is to keep asking yourself empowering questions to open your mind and refocus your action.

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