Every achievement-oriented behavior has an associated mood or mental state. A footballer must be in the right mental state to perform well in the field of play; so also a performing artist on stage, or a businessman in a negotiation meeting. When a person is healthy and physically fit, how well he achieves his goals depends largely on his mental state.

A mental state is the sum total of all neurological and physical processes within an individual at any moment:  the images in his mind, his self-talks, thoughts and feelings that he expresses. A Positive mental state enhances individual capabilities and also promotes persistence in pursuit of goals and ultimate attainment of such goals.

Therefore, the difference between failures and success is partly due to the ability or inability of the individual to elicit in himself the appropriate mental state or mood that supports his aspiration.

How then do you elicit positive mental states for success?

1. Meditate on your goals first thing in the morning and last thing before you sleep. Be engrossed in the outcome or result you are targeting; give it 100% focus.  Think of WHAT YOU WANT and not what you don’t want. Visualize your desired outcome as specific as possible.

2. How will you know when you attain your outcome? What will you hear, see and feel? What positive impacts on your relationships? SEE, HEAR AND FEEL the end in advance, at this moment.

3. As part of your daily meditation and visualization, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Acknowledge your past successes. You are conditioned to remember our failures more than our successes. As a child, there are more emotional intensity around your mistakes, errors and failures than reward for good behavior. Consequently, you tend to under-estimate and under-appreciate yourself.

Yet, you have more victories than failures in your life. That you are able to read and write is a mark of success!  Think back: primary school examination that you passed, secondary school, tertiary education, your skills, your family, the so money” you have, your possessions, and so on. CELEBRATE your past successes to boost your self-esteem and confidence and put yourself in the positive mental state for enduring success.

4. Apply positive affirmations regularly to refocus your mind, catalyze positive expectations and foster positive attitude.

5. Physical exercises in the morning as a matter of routine. Also moderate exercise during the day at work to improve your mood: stretch your body, walk around, etc. There are many small exercise equipment that are usable in the office. Exercises release endorphins, the feeling good chemical that has immediate uplifting effects to boost energy, creativity, focus, memory and motivation.

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