The number one problem that keeps people from winning in life is lack of belief in oneself.  Beliefs have a strong influence on behavior; act as guiding principles and also motivate and shape whatever one does. Belief is a powerful perceptual filter; a map of what has happened and blueprint for future actions.

You can hold beliefs that limit you. Limiting beliefs usually center around “self-doubts” and all the “l can’t do” pieces of information in your consciousness.  Believing that “l cannot do” is a description of your capability now and in the future. Such belief will program your brain to fail, thereby preventing you from discovering your true capability. However, an essential part of being successful is having beliefs that allow you to be successful: empowering positive beliefs that allow you to know what could be true and how capable you are; permissions to explore and play in the world of limitless possibilities.

If you must be successful in creating the life of your dream, you have to have a deep-seated belief that you have what it takes to create your desired results.  You must believe that you can do anything on which you focus your attention — anything at all.

Believing in oneself is somehow contagious. When your belief in yourself is so strong that you will stop at nothing to achieve your goals, you are likely to “infect” other people with your enthusiasm and passion. You will attract to yourself circumstances and peoples that will facilitate the attainment of your goals.

According to Napoleon Hill “there are no limits to what a person can achieve.  Whatever a person can conceive and believe he can achieve”

Believing in possibility is as powerful as believing impossibility– they both operate as self-fulfilling prophecy.

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